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What To

what to expect in Church

First time here?

You will receive a warm welcome whether it’s your first time, or have been before. The Church is a real mix of people - different ages and stages in life, and from various parts of the world.

You might be thinking “What will I wear?” There’s no dress code - just come as you are.

The services are led by someone from the Church who guides everyone through the different elements – prayers, songs, video, message …

During the services musicians lead us in songs as we worship God. The words are projected on a screen.

Someone will give a talk from the Bible which explains what God is saying to us and how it applies to our life today.

Just come along, listen, relax and join in when you want – you won’t be asked to pray, sing or speak. Sometimes we stand to sing the songs – don’t feel you have to if you’d rather stay seated.

A loop system is in operation for those with hearing difficulties.  

What to expect


We have a loop system installed for hearing-aid users. Wheelchair access is available through the annexe door at the car park side of the church. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet and plenty of space inside the building for wheelchair users to sit with family and friends.

There’s a large car park at the side of the church for you to use. When full, please park in the spaces allocated on California Rd. and avoid parking across residents driveway.